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3 for Free
3 for Free

3 For Free

Help your Friends and Get FREE Product!

Skinny Fiber and the Skinny Fiber 90 Day Challenge are helping people from all over the world FINALLY manage their weight and get healthy!

NOW, as a Preferred Customer of Skinny Body Care, we give you the ability to get your product for FREE each month just by introducing 3 other people to Skinny Fiber.

PLUS, studies prove that when you use Skinny Fiber with others, it helps all of you stick with it and get results.

What could be better than helping your friends AND getting FREE product! We even give you your very own referral link so you can track how many people you are helping and make sure you are qualified for FREE Product.

3 For FREE Rules

1. You must be on monthly auto-ship of at least 1 Bottle of Skinny Fiber

2. You must have 3 referred people who are also on monthly auto-ship of at least 1 Bottle of Skinny Fiber

If you qualify for free product, you will be sent ONE FREE BOTTLE of Skinny Fiber the following month and your auto-ship order will not be billed. It will still count as if you have an autoship order.

If your referred customers also qualify for 3 for FREE, they still count toward your qualification…even if all 3 of your people are also getting product free!